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December 2014 :

Even Santa Drinks Haitian

Just shipped a bag of Cuckoo Roo to the North Pole (not kidding). Learn more about this fascinating place.

More Photos on North Pole -->

Even Santa Drinks Haitian Coffee

October, 2014

It's FUND RAISING season

You need to raise money, people drink coffee by the gallons. Haiti has a rare and exceptional coffee bean (+ buying Haitian products builds their economy -- one path to autonomy).

Learn How -->

September, 2014

The International Bank of Development was one of the first who saw potential in Singing Rooster.

They provided initial funding to develop our harvest management program after Haiti's earthquake. They visited our roastery in September to video tape us -- to reflect on our work in Haiti.

Summer, 2014

Singing Rooster Partnered with Minnesota-based Feed My Starving Children to create ICED coffee.

Haitian makes the perfect iced coffee - it's naturally mellow, rich & smooth.


April, 2014

Singing Rooster successfully raised $4000 to help farmers build income-producing coffee seedling nursery: Indiegogo

March 2014

Singing Rooster's CEO interviewed by Lee Row from WORT's longest running radio show, Third World View, that covers issues from a critical, anti-imperialist perspective.

Listen in -->

Iconic hippy (word worn with pride)
radio station WORT - A Madison Fixture

February 2014

Fair Trade Federation Welcomes Singing Rooster

Haitian Mountain Blue Coffee Supports Haitian Coffee Farmers, Artibonite Haiti

Fair Trade Federation members have one primary purpose: to support farmers and artisans in developing countries through the practice of fair trade.

January 2014

It's A New Year, New You

Start 2014 off right by drinking Haitian coffee

Haitian Mountain Blue Coffee Supports Haitian Coffee Farmers, Artibonite Haiti

Top 10 Reasons to Drink More Coffee:

  1. Coffee makes you happier.
  2. Itís the KING of Antioxidants.
  3. Coffee consumption = lower levels of suicide.
  4. Coffee repairs livers.
  5. Coffee makes you a better athlete.
  6. Reduces chances of skin cancer, wrinkles.
  7. Coffee lessens symptoms of Parkinson's.
  8. Keep off the pounds with coffee.
  9. Coffee = a healthier brain (makes you smarter too).
  10. Sleep deprived? Just SMELL coffee.

December 2013 : Fair Trade Tuesday

Fair Trade Tuesday is a response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The goal is to inspire conscious consumerism and show how an everyday purchase can change lives... like our fantastic Haitian art.

Most island nations import every drop of oil. Haitians are the only ones to recycle containers so beautifully. Here's how they do it.

new Haitian paintings in stock

November 2013 : KOREKAFE - Thiotte Haiti

Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders (AVSF) and the International Bank of Development sponsored a conference called Korekafe. The goal was to bring together farmers, buyers, and expert tasters to create a tasting map for Haitian coffee -- one path towards leading others to this remarkable gem.

We posted a photo essay on our FB page -->

Molly Nicaise helped create  a tasting map of Haitian coffee

October 2013 : New release Cuckoo-Roo

October is National Squirrel Awareness Month. Can't make something like that up. Let's all celebrate with Chipper & enjoy an espresso -- he's drinking the newly released Cuckoo-Roo... Rich, velvety chocolate body with expertly blended beans.. fruity surprise.

Awesome as an espresso, French press or drip brew.

October is National Squirrel Awareness Month

September 2013 : NEW release : 3 Mountains

3 uniquely roasted coffees from 3 different, high elevation Mountains of Haiti.

This selection will change over time to help you discover the rich diversity of Haitian coffee -- the most mountainous ...

August 2013 :

Ever wondered what, exactly, is in that cup of coffee? Other than the obvious - water (98%) - did you imagine cockroach pheromones, butter and protection from tooth decay?

Earth Day 2013 :

2% of Haitian lands are forested. Read why -->

Half are coffee plants.

Why? They won't cut them down because they're income-providing. PLUS, coffee trees are water intensive & therefore thrive in the shade of taller trees (i.e., they won't cut down trees protecting coffee plants).

Now add in this: coffee trees have an IDEAL root structure for holding delicate mountain soil in place (taps roots yes, but also horizontal roots stretching for METERS). Can coffee trees reforest Haiti? We're working on it.

2% of Haitian lands are forested - half are coffee trees

Donate to our coffee seedling fund to help reforest Haitian Lands: 59,000 seedlings so far...

Haitians want and need jobs.  Coffee does that.

Ask Haitians what they want and need most:

JOBS - Economic Independence

February 2013: New Partnership with CRS

What do Haitians want and need most? JOBS -- which is another way of saying autonomy.

In one of our projects, we're working with Catholic Relief Services to improve the lives of coffee farming communities in the Beaumont region -- a once thriving coffee sector.

With CRS, the Rooster discusses issues, shares resources, and helps farmers to make long-term connections with other farmers and necessary markets in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

Read more -- >

Dangerous coffee hunting in Haiti?

Nah.. no hunt necessary – you can drive on partially paved roads straight to the source, sleep overnight in a quaint guesthouse, and breakfast on spaghetti and ketchup (it's a Haitian thing).

Singing has been doing this for years.

Read more about not so dangerous grounds -->

Dangerous coffee hunting in Haiti?  Nope

December 2012

August 2012: Story of a Home Coffee Roaster

Singing Rooster's Molly and Christophe met the delightful Corey O'Hara at the Clinton Foundation's coffee summit in 2011, Port au Prince.

Corey is a self-described food policy wonk where the buy local food movement is his passion.

Another passion? Coffee.

Corey roasts his own coffee with a bit of an unconventional technique -- a hybrid of the cast iron skillet and cookie sheet method.

July 2012

New Harvest is HERE.

David Miller's agility with a fork lift makes moving 1800 pound pallets easy. Just don't drop one on your foot.

Cupping (tasting) notes here.


Haitian Mountain Blue Coffee Supports Haitian Coffee Farmers, Artibonite Haiti

2012 Grant, Inter-American Development Bank

Singing Rooster began working in partnership with IDB to assist Haiti's coffee sector.


After the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake, the IDB pledged to provide Haiti more than $2.2 billion in grants over the next decade to fund its recovery efforts and long-term development plans.

Singing Rooster began working in partnership with IDB to assist Haiti's coffee sector.

Clinton Foundation Coffee Summit, November 2011

Singing Rooster attended Clinton Foundation Coffee Summit, November 2011

Singing Rooster joined the Clinton Foundation's Coffee summit in Haiti, November 2011.

We made lots of new friends and came together with other nonprofits, for profits, farmers, roasters, exporters, and the Haitian government to discuss Haiti's coffee future.

By working together, we can assure farmers get the support they need to live better lives -- to become leaders of their communities, providers of stability.

Magazine, Ezine & Newspaper Articles about the Rooster:

Singing Rooster Coffee brings a truly good cup of joe Quality Haitian coffee, helping Haiti -- Isthmus

Common Breath Media | A Fair Trade for Haitian Coffee

Roastery offers coffee locally -- Red Wing Republican Eagle

Revitalizing an Industry in Haiti -- Brava Magazine

Private Labeling: some groups want to use their own labels on our delicious Haitian coffee. It's possible, but requires a little work

Haitian coffee private label puts a simple sticker about their organization on the back of the Rooster's coffee bag.


Haitian coffee private label

The Children's Peace Project fills beautiful purple bags with the Rooster's roasted coffee (we helped them pick the bag & make the sticker)

Haitian coffee private label

Health 4 Haiti buys our beans green & roasts / packages the coffee completely on their own.


SERRV International & the Rooster

Nonprofit, fair trade retail giant began a partnership with Singing Rooster

Nonprofit, fair trade retail giant began a partnership with Singing Rooster in June 2011. We couldn't be more thrilled!

green Haitian coffee beans

Roast your OWN?

Green Beans:
we're now selling beans green to home and retail roasters. Tell your favorite roaster about the Rooster.

The awesome gals at Equator Estate Coffees & Teas, Brooke and Helen, sent the Rooster's Molly to Nicaragua to a conference on food sustainability. Molly's back from her wild trip to Nicaragua where she learned about growing mushrooms on coffee waste/pulp ---> read more

A Fair Trade for Haitian Coffee -- article about the Rooster written by freelance writer Steve Furay.


After the earthquake, local reporters tracked down the Rooster and others who work in Haiti.

We had returned 4 days before this devastating event from a most amazing coffee expedition - so many new friends with so much heartache.

We are more determined than ever.

100% of Singing Rooster's efforts go BACK to Haiti; our goal is to provide direct assistance to rural coffee farming communities through interrelated support for the sake of self-sustainability, dignity and economic autonomy.

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Singing Rooster is a registered 501 (c)3 nonprofit and established social enterprise. We provide on-the ground assistance and direct market access to coffee farming communities in Haiti for the sake of self-sustainability, dignity & economic autonomy. We meet then EXCEED principles of fair trade.

We partner with small scale, farmer-owned cooperatives to help cultivate and process high quality, gourmet Haitian coffee. Then we buy / export crops at premium prices and create new markets for it: roasted coffee, green coffee beans for home or commercial roasters, fundraising with coffee, and wholesale coffee to commercial roasters, cafes, and stores.

By helping farmers to improve crops, paying premium prices for those crops and then transforming and marketing those crops on behalf of farmers, we've created a direct farmer-to-table model for rural communities. We return 100% of proceeds of coffee sales back to farmers and their communities for continued economic development.

Singing Rooster Haitian Coffee is a gold star member of GuideStar

Corporate: 2400 Waunona Way, Madison Wisconsin 53713


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