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Haitian Mountain Bleu  Blue Coffee, Haitian Art

Need a GREAT fund raising idea? Haitian Coffee.

Add the Rooster to your Fundraising Arsenal.

You need to raise money, people drink / will buy coffee by the gallons, and Haiti has a rare and exceptional coffee bean (+ buying Haitian products builds their economy -- the true path to autonomy).

If you're a non-profit, school, charity, parents adopting kids, Singing Rooster offers a unique fund raiser with our AWESOME tasting but rare Haitian Mountain Blue coffee. Buy our Haitian coffee wholesale to raise money at your own fundraising events.

Since 2009, we've helped other non-profits to raise over $150,000 with our coffee fundraiser program. The Haiti alone has raised nearly $30,000 in 3 years just from Singing Rooster coffee sales (and this org is small).

fund raising fundraising ideas

Contact us by e-mail to find how fund raising with Haitian coffee will help raise money for your organization.

We've helped hundreds to raise THOUSANDS for their work in Haiti and elsewhere around the globe.

* Engineers without Borders, Orlando, FL
* Friends of Maison de Naissance, Kansas City, MO
* Clinton Museum, Little Rock, AK
* Smith College Club of Greenwich, CT
* St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal, Belton, MO
* Healing Hands for Haiti, Salt Lake City, UT
* Haiti Marycare, Danbury, CT
* St. Phillip Episcopal, Durham, NC
* Our Bodies Ourselves, Cambridge, MA
* Joshua Expedition, Watsonville, CA
* St. James Church, New York, NY
* Haiti Outreach, Minnetonka, MN
* Colorado Haiti Project, Louisville, CO
* Curamericas Global, Raleigh, NC
* Zion Episcopal, Highland, NY
* Health 4 Haiti, Pueblo, CO

* Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee Haiti Project, WI
* Children's Peace Project, Prescott, AZ
* Grace Episcopal, Bath, ME
* Damascus Road, Loganville, GA
* St. Alban's Episcopal, Cape Elizabeth, ME
* Beatitudes, Little Rock, AR
* Bethlehem House, Federal Way, WA
* Monte Vista School, Watsonville, CA
* St. Margaret's Episcopal, Belfast, ME
* Haiti's Back Porch, Middletown, CT
* West Tennessee Haiti Partners, Memphis, TN
* St. MarMetal Episcopal, Severna Park, MD
* Service To Serve Haiti, Washington, DC
* St. Paul's Episcopal, Dowagiac, MI
* Numerous parents adopting Haitian children
* HUNDREDS of others

Why raise funds with Haitian coffee? 4 simple reasons:

  1. People drink coffee by the gallons: Over 400 million cups are consumed in the U.S. daily (146 billion annually). Put simply, we love coffee and buy it often EVEN in a tough economy.

  2. This coffee is not run of the mill fundraiser coffee; it’s gourmet quality, rare and exotic. This means you'll get repeat business. Moreover, this coffee is natural, shade grown and traded directly - so the coffee producer is treated right. We pay ABOVE fair trade prices to farmers AND return 100% of proceeds from our farmer's roasted coffee.

  3. Haiti ALREADY has the capability of becoming a world-class coffee exporter; Singing Rooster's coffee beans come from farmer co-ops who've worked hard on producing an excellent bean. Coffee is an innocuous in-road in teaching others about Haiti. Plus, buying products from Haiti, like green Haitian coffee beans, is an economic benefit to farming communities.

  4. If people are going to buy coffee anyway and Haiti offers an excellent bean, then Singing Rooster becomes an obvious link in making the world a better place.

Interested in adding the Rooster to your next fundraiser?

Contact us by e-mail to find how fund raising with coffee can raise money for your organization [ours too].

Need a fund raising idea?  Fundraise with Haitian coffee
Need a fund raising idea?  Raise funds with Haitian coffee
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Private Labeling: some groups want to use their own label on our delicious Haitian coffee. It's possible, but requires a little work:

Raise money, funds for your organization with Haitian coffee puts a simple sticker about their organization on the back of the Rooster's coffee bag.


Raise money, fundraising for your organization with Haitian coffee

The Children's Peace Project fills beautiful purple bags with the Rooster's roasted coffee (we helped them pick the bag & make the sticker)

Raise money, funds raising for your organization with Haitian coffee

Health 4 Haiti buys our beans green & roasts / packages the coffee completely on their own.


Contact Molly at Singing Rooster if you're interested in Private labeled coffee or for ideas on how to raise money ways to raise money raise money idea to raise money raise money ideas how can we raise money raise money for a cause raise money online help me raise money raise money for projects raise money for raise money for a project
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Singing Rooster is a registered 501 (c)3 nonprofit and established social enterprise. We provide on-the ground assistance and direct market access to coffee farming communities in Haiti for the sake of self-sustainability, dignity & economic autonomy. We meet then EXCEED principles of fair trade.

We partner with small scale, farmer-owned cooperatives to help cultivate and process high quality, gourmet Haitian coffee. Then we buy / export crops at premium prices and create new markets for it: roasted coffee, green coffee beans for home or commercial roasters, fundraising with coffee, and wholesale coffee to commercial roasters, cafes, and stores.

By helping farmers to improve crops, paying premium prices for those crops and then transforming and marketing those crops on behalf of farmers, we've created a direct farmer-to-table model for rural communities. We return 100% of proceeds of coffee sales back to farmers and their communities for continued economic development.

Singing Rooster Haitian Coffee is a gold star member of GuideStar

Corporate: 2400 Waunona Way, Madison Wisconsin 53713


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