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Haitian Mountain Bleu  Blue Coffee, Haitian Art

About Haitian Mountain Bleu/Blue Coffee

Haiti is a small place - only slightly larger than Vermont. Plus, much of it is vertical: 65%. Haiti is the most mountainous nation in the Caribbean, and the highest point is Pic la Selle: 2,680 meters / 8,792 feet.

Mountains aren't good for most agriculture, but they're IDEAL for coffee growing; coffee trees thrive in moist but well-drained soil at high altitudes. The higher the altitude, the bigger/harder the bean, the better the coffee.

Because coffee trees are water-intensive, they do best growing in shade. Fruit trees provide ideal canopies where fruit becomes additional food. Moreover, coffee plays an important role in the reforestation of Haiti.

Although small, Roosters are tenacious. We're quickly building a network with small-scale farmer cooperatives; we source coffee from all major coffee regions in Haiti.

Every bag has a mission.

Each 12 oz bag of Haitian Mountain Blue is $9.50 - 100% of proceeds go back to Haiti: that's a whopping 33% per bag! Here's what we do with proceeds.

Our Haitian Mountain Blue coffee is rare and comes from the same type of coffee plant & is grown in a similar region as the wildly successful Jamaican Blue coffee - but at a fraction of the price.

We trade directly with the farmers - we export beans green from Haiti to the U.S.; we air roast these beautiful beans in small batches to provide FRESH and EXCELLENT tasting coffee.

Our customers say great things about us -- in numerous, unsolicited reviews.

Singing Rooster Haitian Mountain Blue Coffee Bag with one-way degassing valve and Metal tie

Haitian coffee is a classic Caribbean in every sense -- chocolatety sweet with mellow citrus-highlights. It’s a perfect cup for those who like to ease into the day or relax with coffee after work. If you’re a fan of Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kona / Hawaiian coffees, you’ll love Haitian.

Fair Trade / Direct Trade: we’re often asked if our coffee is certified fair trade & our answer is: “We are Direct Traders: we work with and buy our beans directly from farmer owned cooperatives. We provide pre-harvest financing and pay well above Fair Trade prices (which isn't hard ). Most importantly, we’re a nonprofit and use coffee as a means to support the extremely poor in Haiti where we return 100% of the proceeds of coffee sales back to the farmers and their communities in the form of projects that support coffee production, land management, and small business development/entrepreneurship.

Our coffee is from a single origin and is natural; natural crops mean a better coffee, a better environment. Put simply, Haitian farmers can’t afford chemicals; they use natural and organic methods like composting and shade-grown farming techniques.

Our RARE Mountain Blue roast is rich, nutty & semi-sweet; cool nights at high altitudes produce gentle & FLAVORFUL coffees!

Haitian Mountain bleu coffee growers hand pick coffee cherries; wet processing techniques yield a unique blue-green colored bean.

We ship these BEAUTIFUL, 100% Arabica beans from Haiti to the U.S.; we air roast in small batches to cultivate the natural nuances of the beans to a medium, dark roast. This allows for a clean cup and yields FRESH and EXCELLENT tasting coffee that is perfectly balanced in body and acidity.

Singing Rooster Mountain Bleu Haitian Coffee

Raise Money / Funds with our Haitian Coffee:

If you're a Not for Profit, school, or charity, Singing Rooster offers a unique fund raiser with our AWESOME tasting but rare Haitian Mountain Blue coffee.

We've even helped parents to raise money for expensive adoptions.

We also sell Haitian coffee beans green to home and commercial roasters.

We survive on YOUR word of mouth -- so tell your favorite nonprofit, cafe, store and roaster about us.

Help us build the Haitian coffee economy one bean at a time.

Buy it for the taste AND satisfaction because sharing makes the world a better place.

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Singing Rooster is a registered 501 (c)3 nonprofit and established social enterprise. We provide on-the ground assistance and direct market access to coffee farming communities in Haiti for the sake of self-sustainability, dignity & economic autonomy. We meet then EXCEED principles of fair trade.

We partner with small scale, farmer-owned cooperatives to help cultivate and process high quality, gourmet Haitian coffee. Then we buy / export crops at premium prices and create new markets for it: roasted coffee, green coffee beans for home or commercial roasters, fundraising with coffee, and wholesale coffee to commercial roasters, cafes, and stores.

By helping farmers to improve crops, paying premium prices for those crops and then transforming and marketing those crops on behalf of farmers, we've created a direct farmer-to-table model for rural communities. We return 100% of proceeds of coffee sales back to farmers and their communities for continued economic development.

Singing Rooster Haitian Coffee is a gold star member of GuideStar

Corporate: 2400 Waunona Way, Madison Wisconsin 53713


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